We Hack everything - We are a group of ten who have been hacking together for over 7 years. Is your BITCH cheating ? Want to see your boss's email ?

Hacking is like sex. You get in, you get out, and hope that you did not leave something that can be traced back to you. We are proud to have exposed over 100 DIRTY FUCKING CHEATING BASTARDS LOL - OUR PHONE HACKS ARE THE STUFF OF LEGEND. WE HACKED LIKE 90% of ALL PHONES WELL BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE. ONLY $900 TO FIND OUT WHAT THAT CUNT HAS BEEN UP TO . HEAVY worth it Bro/Ho. !!!
Random accounts , Pokerstars , Bitcoin exchange trader accounts etc - $500
Gmail , Yahoo ,Facebook , twitter , instagram ,whatsapp , skype, any social network or Email etc - $600
Phones - iphone , samsung , HTC , nokia , blackberry etc - $900
DDOS ATTACKS - $1000 per week - Massive attack 5GBPS -
We sell Zero Days - Contact us for info and prices. -
FAQ about Payments. PLEASE READ
why do I have to pay upfront ? , we get asked this question 20 times a day , so STOP ! Its amazing how many people don't want to pay you after they find out their wife is sucking their neighbours cock ! so the people who wanted hacks before you fucked it for you.Corporate hacks will still be done upfront without payment but no personal.
Why don't you escrow ? , well because what your asking for is fucking illegal ! and you and the escrow can fuck us over any time !
We understand that there are shit loads of scammers out there , we are willing in some cases to offer you 50% upfront and 50% after your completely happy with the work and access. We build in a safe guard that should you not pay the final 50% we can stop access instantly by deploying our ransom ware and getting paid for the rest of the job that way if the person chooses to pay. It's a risk worth taking so don't even think about trying to fuck us after you get access.
We are sorry that we sound like a bunch of cocks , but we love to hack , we love to help and we can help you 100%. You have found one of the only groups on the Dark net who can really help. Rant over.
We can hook you up with 1000's of hacked mysql databases every day ! . We give you a custom copy of SQL dumper 9 - (mostly a code rewrite from us.) Very simple interface GUI. We give to you full of ready hacked databases and when you run you will be auto hacking 1000's more everyday. Keep fresh email leads coming in (information great for advertising your products) , hack credit card information , Fullz and much more. ALL AUTOMATIC ! This is how we get our hands on 1000's of new credit cards every week. (not our pinned cards) - CONTACT FOR MORE INFORMATION

After purchase contact us with your requirements. Our botnet allows us to crack passwords so fast its stupid, we normally do up to 15 character passwords which included special and numbers in a couple of days which is fucking mad , honestly my team is the fucking best of the best. NO FUCKING ABOUT!. We have huge success at breaking facebook and gmail passwords in less than 48 hours. Making our service very sought WE HACK EVERYTHG - TWITTER _ GMAIL _ YAHOO_FACEBOOK ! We write custom code for all job - you have found seriously fucking dark blackhats.We use various hacking techniques based on the job ,First stage is mostly a phising attack - these attacks are simple and leads to success more times than you would think.
Second stage of the attack is normally a brute force crack with the beast of a botnet ( we call it BOAB ). WE can crack Facebook,Gmail and other email passwords upto 15 characters long including special and numbers in less that 4 days WHICH IS SWEET AS FUCK , I MEAN COME ON ! $300 for your partners Facebook is fuck all. Most of this work is done with a custom written version of hydra. For Servers and PC's an IP address or hostname is needed.For phones any info you have will do,number is important/email. We have amazing technology that allows us to break recapthca so we can brute force anything.
DDOS attack start with basic stuff, buffer overflows & resource consuming techniques.Followed by upto a 5GBPS second attack from our BOTNET THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A SITE WE CAN'T DDOS WE SLAP THAT SHIT LIKE A BITCH.!!! WE USE TEXT SPOOFING TO HACK PHONES !! EASY DONE !! We are happy to demo the text spoofing on request , just ask.
We hack using Kali linux, MSF + FUZZBUNCH
We do amazing phone hacking.Our team has some serious skills. We need details , phone model , number , network provider , Do you have physical access to the handset ? Does the phone connect to your wifi ? any other information you have , no information is irreverent. Every job is custom , just contact us and one of our team will be happy to help you. We hack all phone app's whatapp skype facebook etc. We can also write gold farming bots of games on request.
XMPP : WildHackerCrew@xmpp.is
EMAIL: WildHackerCrew@protonmail.com
Wickr: wildhackercrew

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