These notes will pass in shops. We use ours to buy drugs.We add a few in to our cash stack with zero problems.

PLEASE DON'T BE FUCKING STUPID with these notes. DON't try spend them anywhere they use pens or machines , use a real note first and see what they do with it. I have paid my drug debt with a few of these mixed in loads of times lol. EASY SPENT IN PUBS AND CLUBS - EASY AS FUCK. BEEN DOING IT FOR FUCKING YEARS ITS SWEET PLUS I GET A DISCOUNT SO ITS A SWEETER DEAL.
These notes are A- quality , almost impossible to tell the difference when looking and feeling the notes. I have been passing these notes for months in my local area. Pubs,super markets , drug dealers. I have personal used over 50 notes now with zero problems!. These notes pass pen test depending on how you treat them , if your rough with them the hairspray can come off so watch out. When they arrive they only need to be aged by crushing them and folding and unfolding a few times. You can also add more hairspray if needed
If you want more information now just contact us.
We are not making 10 notes any more. It is just a waste of shit an expensive materials when we could be making 20.
Wickr: wildhackercrew
We now have 50 Euro notes and USD both are good quality I hear they pass but have never tried only GBP has been done by me - Contact us for prices as they are made on demand.

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