Watch this bot trade 100 of times per minute to make you serious Currency

In the land of bitcoin and blockchain, cryptocurrency MLM companies are a dime a dozen. Many of them try to claim they are trading and mining but never offer real transparency or visual legitimacy so how is Wild Hacking Crew Trading Bot Any Better ?

We use multi-hybrid trading algorithm software via API to facilitate daily micro transactions to earn with your own bot.
The automated trading algorithm bot makes micro-cryptocurrency buys and sells with your own coins at your own tolerance risk and offers unique customization to cancel any trades at your own discretion.
Deposit Any Cryptocurrency and allows you to trade any cryptocurrency of your liking up to $10,000 worth per account. Fast Setup: You can setup a Exchange in minutes and sync up to your exchange accounts to begin trading right away. Trading Bot: We have trading robot that makes consistently high profits over time. Everyone who uses the bot dedicates and allocates how much crypto funds you want to trade with it and it will start executing the trades (low as $500 and high as $10,000) in your accounts and you can shut off or cancel at any time.

Wickr: wildhackercrew
We do not sell this tool to just anyone , previous customers preffered. 2 hours training given via teaviewer by AVUnit himself.
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