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C# FUD Ransomware (AES 256 Encryption with a 64 chars long uncrackable key)
C# Decrypter-Stub Size: 250kb (unique exe for each buyer) CANNOT BE SEENS BY ANTIVIRUS AFTER MONTHLY UPDATES.
Features: Delayed Start, Mutex, Task Manager Disabler.Platform: Windows (both x86 and x64) YOU WILL FUCKING OWN THE MACHINE!
We custom wrote our own ransomware and now its for sale to the public.
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Everything can be custom - any special requests just ask.
Comes with very easy n00b friendly instructions. You set price and time for ransom. AVUint updates the code every month and you will get free updates for life. AVUint is one of the best coders our group has. He's Insane !
We are asking $225 for the amazing ransomware. Don't miss out. I don't think we will be selling at this price for very long. Its too fucking cheap feel like im fucking myself..
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When you buy you get 1-2 hours with one of our guys to teach you how to use the ransomware to be the very best ! but if you have some skills ( its very simple has a nice interface ) and you just want the files you can buy them on the link below

If you still want some one on one time with our team via team viewer just let us know and we can make it happen. Even just to pick up a few tips and tricks you might not know.
XMPP : WildHackerCrew@xmpp.is
EMAIL: WildHackerCrew@protonmail.com
Wickr: wildhackercrew

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